About me

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a variety of industries from retail to the hotel industry and in many different countries from the US to Europe to Asia Pacific. During this time I gained unique insights into how organisations need to be structured in order to find and successfully approach their target customers.

Speaking several languages fluently, but also spending many years abroad experiencing cultural differences has given to me a unique edge. Understanding a company’s structure and its people, comprehending specific situations which are closely linked to culture and the environment is the basis of my work and enables me to offer bespoke advice.

The first lesson I’ve learned and which I hope to pass on to my clients is the following: Solutions may be similar in different industries, but they are almost always radically different depending on the geographic implementation of the entity. Ignoring this fact can very easily ruin an otherwise perfectly viable project.

Some of my achievements so far include:

  • Making my own teams accept and actively embrace change during several company reorganisations and mergers
  • Training and managing teams so that they feel comfortable with change and accept it as an opportunity
  • Merging teams worldwide around global solutions and processes to ensure consistency, sustainability, growth and customer satisfaction
  • Proposing and successfully implementing solutions for the delivery and sustainability of systems in the retail and IT sectors world wide.

Julien CassegrainAbout me