My resolutions for 2016

As we enter 2016, I wonder what my New Year resolutions should be.

Let’s be honest here: motivation is high, promises to oneself are made with the best of intentions…. but resolutions are embraced for the first week or so, then placed neatly in the “I can do that later” cupboard between the “oh forget it” and the “what was I thinking” shelves as quickly as they came.

I am not advocating you should not go out of your comfort zone or be ambitious – quite the opposite.

But what about setting achievable targets?

What about giving yourself objectives that you know you can keep the motivation for, this year and beyond?

What about keeping things simple and concentrate on what you like or are good at?

So this year, I might just focus on my strengths, dedicate efforts to what can realistically achieve, and nurture competencies and skills.

Everything else can stay in the “Previous Years’ Resolutions” box.

Julien CassegrainMy resolutions for 2016

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