Why your business must adapt

Kuala Lumpur: a fast paced city, high rises growing like mushrooms, constant haze… A place where technology has taken its rightful place and dual / triple / quadruple carriage ways have replaced dust roads within 10 years.

There is a huge concentration of shopping malls open every single day until late, where locals and tourists mix in a maze of international shops.

Luckily, to find your way around in this labyrinth, you can pick up a map at the entrance.., well, I am about to when I see my son going straight for the interactive screen where one can search the mall  online app…


Even though I love gadgets and technology, my son is always a step ahead!

As we are leaving the mall, we do the mandatory stop at the local yet very global tech shop of a well known brand, prompted by my son’s usual justification: I only want to have a look. I realise he is not the only one: kids all around the table are playing with the latest tablet.


They are all of the same age, from different horizons, different countries, language, culture, and yet they all do the same thing, as naturally as can be.

Those of you who have young children will relate to this: ever seen your kid trying to change channels by swiping the TV screen? Or looking for the app button on an old style phone?

They are born with technology, the rest of us are just playing catch up.

These kids are “digital natives” (cf. Prensky), they do not think like us.

We, “digital immigrants” must anticipate and start viewing the world the way they in order to have a chance to establish communication. They will in turn face the same challenge with the next generation (

Our kids are consumers, today and even more tomorrow. Brands which have adapted to their way of life will be the ones they choose, interact with and are loyal to. Traditional businesses must reinvent themselves to stay in the game.

In the light of the above, today, more than ever, ongoing innovation and adaptation of your company’s strategy and operations is a vital success factor.

Julien CassegrainWhy your business must adapt

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